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FBI's Biden bias is on full display as Wray fences with Republicans over 'bribe' doc

No one in a position of authority in the agency, the Justice Department or the White House seems to understand the long-term implications or care enough to repair the FBI’s...

'Shucked' is making a play for Tonys history

“Shucked” nominees omitted only the matron in the can.

Narcan machines & BBQ blues: Letters to the Editor — June 7, 2023

The Issue: The city’s decision to put drug paraphernalia in free dispensing machines. Now we’re installing street vending machines dispensing free drug products to addicts (“This is the vend,” June...

RFK Jr. has the White House sweating, and rightly so

Per the latest CNN-SRSS survey, President Biden is receiving 60% of support from Democrats.

It’s Hunter’s laptop 2.0, impeach Mayorkas, already and other commentary

After an FBI briefing, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer reported the FBI is still probing allegations of a $5 million bribery scheme involving President Biden when he was Vice...

Killer MS-13 gangsters are being bused into our communities as 'minors'

MS-13 gang members commit savage crimes — beheading their targets with machetes, hacking off their hands, burning them to death, dismembering them. 

How Gavin Newsom fights for migrant justice (sometimes)

After two planes landed a few dozen migrants in Sacramento, Newsom suggested “kidnapping charges” are somehow in the offing for DeSantis, as his Attorney General Rob Bonta wrung his hands...

Migrant crisis threatens NYC's fiscal stability

At this point, Adams' best hope, and the city's, is that the courts agree it's finally time to end the unlimited "right to shelter."

Trump is wrong: Wokeness is all too real

Donald Trump's newfound disdain for the term “woke” has everything to do with his contest with Ron DeSantis for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

Giving out free crack pipes is government-assisted suicide

New York averages eight drug-overdose deaths every day, and City Hall’s response is free crack pipes.

Getting the Statue of Liberty to her pedestal in 1885 took a team effort

The Statue of Liberty. 1865, French lawyer Édouard René Lefebvre de Laboulaye’s idea. It was to commemorate the bond twixt France and America. The deal? France pays for it. We...

Why Gen Z is learning to love Big Brother

Have schools stopped teaching “Nineteen Eighty-Four” — or are they now teaching it as a playbook for America to follow?

Biden's border crisis is far from over

Evidence of the Biden Border Crisis Coverup grows stronger by the day — even as the crisis grows worse.

Narcan and crackpipe vending machines: White flag of surrender to addiction

In a fresh move to enable addiction, city Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan just unveiled a vending machine that dispenses free Narcan and drug-test strips.

BFFs Randi and Rochelle proved to be our children's worst enemies

February 2021 texts show how completely then-CDC chief Rochelle Walensky was in American Federation of Teachers boss Randi Weingarten's pocket.

Thank the green-energy cult for major blackouts this summer

Summer’s coming. That means sunshine, swimming, cookouts — and blackouts. That’s the warning from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

Biden let Saudi Arabia become the world's oil king again — we're all worse for it

With a gallon of gas approaching $5 last June, President Joe Biden visited Saudi Arabia asking the kingdom for an increase in oil production. The crown prince responded by cutting...

Joe’s new green-energy crisis, Ron’s bogus charisma ‘problem’ and other commentary

Conservative: Joe’s New Green-Energy Crisis President Biden’s “green-energy policies” are “increasing demand for transformers and the specialized electrical steel to manufacture them” while also making it harder to produce them,...

'Good Cause Eviction' tricks will still wreck NY's housing market

Socialist lawmakers are still pushing statewide rent control, resorting to outright deception and bogus compromise in hopes of passing it before the Legislature wraps up for the year.

Vile hit jobs on Casey DeSantis make me want woke to die too

It’s really something when the liberal elite media say the ugly part out loud, isn’t it?